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Last weekend, The Guardian published a story that probably didn’t surprise or outrage me as much as its writing and editor were hoping. In it, the reporter visited a secretive factory in Romania owned by equally secretive LVMH subsidiary Somarest and observed the factory’s raison d’être: manufacturing the uppers for Louis Vuitton shoes, which would then be shipped to Italy, joined with their attendant soles and legally labeled “Made in Italy,” meeting the letter (if maybe not the spirit) of European trade laws concerning disclosure of a product’s country of origin.

In order for a product to be legally labeled as made in a particular European locale, “the last, substantial, economically justified processing” step has to take place in that country. For shoes, that’s joining the upper to the sole, which Louis Vuitton does in Italy or France. The components are made elsewhere, including in Romania, as is common throughout the luxury industry.

This isn’t a practice brands like to publicize, but it’s also not exactly a secret. Dana Thomas’s 2007 bestseller Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster documented the process extensively, and in 2017, I think most consumers are pretty well-informed about the fact that much of high-end fashion is fantasy—how the sausage is actually made is a little more complicated. After all, most fashion brands are owned by large, corporate conglomerates, and satisfying investors means cutting costs and growing profits. When you’re in the business of making physical goods for sale, that translates to searching out labor markets with lower wage expectations for workers. Designers want to tell consumers the story of the mom-and-pop shops they started out as, but that kind of operation can’t scale at the rate that global capitalism requires.

In my mind, that’s simply a reality of the industry as it stands today, and as long as I’m happy with the quality of a product I’ve bought relative to the price I’ve paid for it (and as long as the brand’s customer service is exemplary when a product falls below reasonable expectations), it doesn’t bother me too much. That might be because I’ve had a decade in the industry to come to terms with its realities, though, so we want to hear from you: do these kinds of manufacturing processes feel deceptive to you as a shopper, and does knowing about them change where you want to shop?

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Lindsey Wixson on Vogue Portugal July 2017 CoverLindsey Wixson on Vogue Portugal July 2017 Cover

Leading model Lindsey Wixson lands the July 2017 cover of Vogue Portugal. Photographed by An Le, the American beauty wears a black pair of gloves with a bustier top and houndstooth print skirt. Inside the magazine, Lindsey hits the streets in statement looks styled by Paulo Macareno. From fitted blazers to dreamy dresses and elegant coats, the blonde shines in each shot. Nabil Harlow worked on hair for the shoot with makeup by Niki Mnray.


Photographed by An Le, Lindsey Wixson poses on the streets of New York for the fashion editorialPhotographed by An Le, Lindsey Wixson poses on the streets of New York for the fashion editorial

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Cute Bag Reference

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Cute Bag 2017 Collection Cute Bag Reference

Cute bag with models such as what became the favorite items to your walk? Sure everything is very different in determining a bag that really caught my attention. For women, the bag is one of the elements of fashion is very important. As such, any occasion requiring a different bag types in order to remain fashionable and not the wrong costume. For that cute bag comes with many themes that are all so very unique. Some reference for that cute bag below for you all.

Cute Bag Reference Cute Bag ReferenceLollypop Bag Cute Bag ReferenceMilk Bag Cute Bag ReferencePink Unicorn Bag Cute Bag ReferencePopcorn Bag Cute Bag ReferenceUnicorn Bag Cute Bag ReferenceUnicorn Tears Bag Cute Bag ReferenceBiscuit Bga Cute Bag Reference

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Marloes Horst stars in LILYA's spring-summer 2017 campaignMarloes Horst stars in LILYA’s spring-summer 2017 campaign

Top model Marloes Horst turns up the heat as the face of Australian label LILYA’sspring-summer 2017 ‘Oasis’ campaign. Photographed at Philip Dixon’s famous residence in Venice Beach, California, the blonde poses in sun-drenched images captured by Amberley Valentine. Marloes stuns in new season looks such as barely-there swimsuits, feminine sundresses, wide-leg trousers and cropped blouses. The pieces are made in luxe fabrics of linen, silk and cotton.


An image from LILYA's spring-summer 2017 campaignAn image from LILYA’s spring-summer 2017 campaign

Label: LILYA | Season: OASIS Spring Summer 2017 | Model: Marloes Horst | Location: Oasis House by Philip Dixon, Venice Beach California | Photographer: Amberley Valentine | Stylist: Minna Attala | Hair and Makeup: Lilly Keys | Support Production: Bounty Content LA | Photographer Assistant: Annabelle Maginnis | Glasses: Raito | Jewellery: By Charlotte

Marloes Horst wears off-the-shoulder top and briefs from LILYA's spring-summer 2017 collectionMarloes Horst wears off-the-shoulder top and briefs from LILYA’s spring-summer 2017 collectionModel Marloes Horst stars in LILYA's spring-summer 2017 campaignModel Marloes Horst fronts LILYA’s spring-summer 2017 campaign
Marloes Horst poses in LILYA dressMarloes Horst poses in LILYA dressModel Marloes Horst wears LILYA bikini setModel Marloes Horst wears LILYA bikini setLILYA features a striped dress in its spring-summer 2017 collectionLILYA features a striped dress in its spring-summer 2017 collectionMarloes Horst wears a little black dress from LILYAMarloes Horst wears a little black dress from LILYA

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Cristina Tosio stars in Twinset's Summer 2017 Swimwear campaignCristina Tosio stars in Twinset’s Summer 2017 Swimwear campaign

Italian fashion brand Twinset dives into pool season with the launch of its spring-summer 2017 Swimwear campaign. Model Cristina Tosio stars in the sun-drenched images while diving into crystal blue waters. The blonde beauty poses in sexy styles ranging from triangle bikini tops to long cardigan coverups and classic one-piece silhouettes. Looking perfectly sun-kissed, Cristina wears a wavy hairstyle with blunt bangs.


Cristina Tosio models Twinset one-piece swimsuitCristina Tosio models Twinset one-piece swimsuitPosing poolside, Cristina Tosio stars in Twinset's Swimwear Summer 2017 campaignPosing poolside, Cristina Tosio stars in Twinset’s Swimwear Summer 2017 campaignCristina Tosio models floral print triangle bikini top and side-tie bottoms in Twinset's swimwear 2017 campaignCristina Tosio models floral print triangle bikini top and side-tie bottoms in Twinset’s swimwear 2017 campaignModel Cristina Tosio wears long cardigan, bandeau bikini top and bikini bottoms from TwinsetModel Cristina Tosio wears long cardigan, bandeau bikini top and bikini bottoms from TwinsetAn image from Twinset's swimwear 2017 campaignAn image from Twinset’s swimwear 2017 campaign

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Purse Forum Roundup 26

Other Brands

Hello, it’s Friday! We customarily celebrate the close of the week with a roundup of the week’s happenings on the PurseForum. We unfortunately missed last week, so we have some catching up to do. Without further delay, we are off to Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta and so much more, including some jewelry spots.

We love to visit the “your bag in action” threads, and this week in Louis Vuitton, Maria Isabella really brought the action, quite literally. Biking home from the boutique with her new purchase and her trusty Neverfull made for a great shot.

We also loved the look of qwerty234’s Speedy Bandouliere 30 out and about. Qwerty reports that this is a super mom bag, too. You will always find a variety of bags and styles in our action threads, along with plenty of inspiration on styling or planning a purchase. These threads appear in most of our designer subforums; we hope you’ll check them out and maybe post your own action shots.

CPA scored big in the pre-loved Louis Vuitton game and expanded her Cerise family, a line that has always been a favorite with our members.

Also in LV, as we do throughout the PurseForum, members share the good, the bad and the ugly. This week in Louis Vuitton, candac3mari3 shares her repair story, and it is not pretty. A luxury bag purchase is not a trifle, and we all expect good customer service when things go wrong. Our members are weighing in on this in this interesting thread.

In Bottega Veneta, we spotted tenKrat’s Mother’s Day present and fell a little bit in love. This medium Cervo Loop is perfect for summer, pictured here in geranium. TenKrat shared more pictures and some handy comparison shots with the larger version of this wonderfully versatile bag. You can see anniebhu’s denim version of the Cervo here. 

When our Bottega Veneta fans cheat on their favorite brand, they go big. We found Phiomega cheating (in church no less!) on BV with this delicious Chanel. Well, no judgement, right? This bag is a beauty!

I bet you thought we were prowling around the Jewelry subforum again, right? Surprise! This delightful bracelet is from Dior’s Rose des Vents jewelry collection, and we love it. Cafecreme15 made this discovery at her Dior boutique and started us off on a lovely Rose des Vents journey. GYCT shared these bracelets and picked up a charming ring. Our members are loving this line, and you can see more pictures and join in the discussion right here. The rings are lovely!

Also in Dior, our members are scratching their heads over the new unstructured Lady Dior. You can weigh in on this somewhat confusing offering from Dior, too, right here. Admittedly, that red is gorgeous.

In Christian Louboutin, our member Practical Diva asked a question we have been pondering also: has the popularity of CL started to decline? We have not been seeing as many reveals on the PurseForum, but that is not necessarily a function of CL sales, so we have been wondering. You can read up on this discussion and chime in with your thoughts. We also found a disconcerting thread about heel breakage; it seems CCLVshopaholic has been experiencing some issues and we are interested to see how this turns out.

That being said, no matter your opinion of the brand, Christian Louboutin makes a very sexy shoe. We found this pair dangling from a dock in mIella’s “Off Roading” thread, which features CLs in very unlikely places.

Those pretty Dior pieces got us in the mood for more jewelry, and we know just where to find it. It was hard to choose a picture from the Pearl Lovers thread, but we love the dramatic colors in these mixed Tahitians from Hanadama, so here they are. This thread has plenty of other amazing pearls to lust after, so if these are not your cup of tea, you will surely find something that is.

We also dropped into Tiffany & Co. and found a conversation on the new Hardware line. Our members are picking up pieces from this collection and Violet Bleu shared her new bracelet, which stacks nicely with the Cartier Love pieces already in her collection. If you love stacks, visit our stacking threads in the Jewelry Box for more stacks for every occasion, like this one dedicated to David Yurman. 

Also in The Jewelry Box, we all are sympathizing with lazyfoxie and keeping our fingers crossed that she finds her engagement ring! Our members have lost and found rings in the strangest places, and this thread is full of their stories and their wonderful support for lazyfoxie.

Thank you so much for joining us today. We’ll close with a little something from roundandround’s garden in the Garden Photographs thread in Home and Garden. We hope you have a great weekend (we are going to do some gardening!) and that your windup to summer includes some fun plans.

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