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This a new series called ‘Bag Versus’ where we evaluate similar bags and determine what’s a better buy over another bag pitting them against each other.  This series will begin by evaluating the Saint Laurent Monogramme series with the classic ‘YSL’ logo that has been created in a number of styles.  Two styles that are similar but different include the latest ‘Saint Laurent Monogramme Shopper Tote‘ and the ‘Saint Laurent Monogramme Shoulder Bag’.

At a glance these two bags appear very similar. Both have the same strap, they have the same price point (about $2,550 USD) and the also have similar boxy shapes.

So if you had to choose, which one is better? Here’s a run down of pros and cons of each.

The Saint Laurent Monogramme Shopper

Saint Laurent Blue Classic Monogramme Saint Laurent Shopping Bag - Spring 2014


It features a convenient centre zippered enclosures, similar to that of the GST. However, at $2,550 USD it’s just $350 lower than the Classic Chanel GST which is priced at $2,900 USD.  This Shopper Tote features a top tab closure the securely fastens closed on the front of the flap. It measures about 13.75″ across making it a good everyday city bag with an interior depth of 4.5″.


The simple certain tab doesn’t exactly ensure that items can’t fall out of your bag. Imagine tipping the bag over, most likely small items like wallets and cell-phones that are not kept securely in the center zip could fall out.

The Saint Laurent Monogramme Shoulder 

Saint Laurent Blue Classic Monogramme Saint Laurent Large Satchel Bag - Spring 2014


The Saint Laurent Monogramme Shoulder bag features a large ‘YSL’ logo on the front, which can be a positive item. The tab could also be a negative item for those that want a more subdued and less flashy 80’s look.  The bag measures at around 12.25″ which is just one inch shy of the shopper tote, which makes it a lighter bag and smaller in stature.  This bag could also be transferred to a clutch since the bag has a narrow depth at only 3 inches, which makes the bag more versatile than the shopper.

The shoulder bag fastenes securely in the front, and the flap will prevent your items from falling out of it easily.


The interior of the Shoulder bag is pretty minimal. There is one large opening and a pretty narrow interior pocket. There isn’t too much in terms of interior organization, unlike the shopper tote, which has more compartments. However, the interior depth of three inches does allow you to view the contents fairly well, so there would be limited instances of rummaging the interior of your purse.


As with any purchase, it really depends on what you already have in your current arsenal. However, the Monogramme Shoulder bag is probably the best choice of the two since it can serve dual purposes, as an every day city bag and an evening bag.

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Bottega Veneta Monogram Feature Online Allows for All Product View

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If you haven’t tried the Bottega Veneta initials widget on their online shop, it’s definitely a must-see!

Here’s the outcome of using the personalization function on the Bottega Veneta online store. It allows a customer to select the option of viewing Initials on All Items, which results in your personalized monogram being superimposed on all the available offerings online. From bags, belts, luggage to small accessories, this feature makes its easier to visualize how each piece will look together, whether its a white wallet with a brown tote, or black wallet with red tote.

Prices are as follows inclusive of monogramming:

  • Luggage from $2,640 – $4,960 USD
  • Totes from $1,890 to $2,240 USD
  • Wallets from $360 to $800 USD

The online monogramming allows for up to three initials in eight different shades and three different sizes.  You may choose alternate color contrasts for each letter. Try it out today at Bottega Veneta directly!


Bottega Veneta Red Nappa Interciatto Accessories InitialsBottega Veneta Nappa Tote with Initials

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The Best Top Handle bags from the Fall / Winter 2014 collections

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It seams that all the big name designers have created new styles in 2014, some from the spring and a more complete selection available for the upcoming Fall season.  Almost by coincidence each designer created a variation of the top handle bag as their IT style for the season.  Here’s a rundown of the top five top handle bags from the upcoming collections. Each designer does their own spin on this very classic style.

If the top handle style isn’t your favorite, check-out the guide to the best mini bags for the Fall 2014 season.

Jump to: FendiCeline Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs

Be Dior Flap Bag

Be Dior Flap Bag
The Be Dior Flap Bag is part of Dior’s Fall/Winter 2014 Collection. It is a single handle tote bag that features a flap front. It includes the DIOR charms and a removable/adjustable shoulder strap. It is available in Calfskin, Crocodile and Python.  The interior features a double flap for additional storage.

More information on the bag style be found here.



Be Dior Flap Mini Bag $3,700.00 (USD)
Be Dior Flap Small Bag $4,400.00 (USD)
Be Dior Tri-Color Flap Small Bag $5,400.00 (USD)
Be Dior Flap Medium Bag $4,900.00 (USD)

Fendi Trois Jours Bag

Fendi 3Jours Tote Bag
The Trois Jours or 3Jours Tote Bag first came out in the Spring/Summer 2014 runway Show and is an updated version of the 2Jours Tote. It is a top handle bag with wide gussets and metal trims on top. For Fall 2014, Fendi has introduced new colors and new mini size for this bag which has a more compact frame.

More information on the two bag styles are linked below.



Fendi 3Jours Tote Bag $2,550.00 (USD)
Fendi 3Jours Mini Bag $2,550.00 (USD)
Fendi 3Jours with Mink Handles Mini Bag $2,800.00 (USD)

Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Tote Bag

Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Tote Bag
Made of Veau Cachemire leather, the Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Tote Bag was first released for the Spring/Summer 2014 collection. It includes a removable and an adjustable shoulder strap. The Soft Lockit Bag has a Veau Velour interior.

There are new colors for Fall / Winter 2014, these includes Red, Orange, Black with Python Handles, Red with Python Handles and Blue with Python Handles.

More information on the bag is available here. 



Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Bag $4,250.00 (USD)

Celine Belt Tote Bag

Celine Belt Tote Bag
The Celine Belt Tote Bag was first introduced in the Pre-Fall 2014 Collection. The bag features a front flap tucked behind a belt with knots. Available in Calfskin, Python and Crocodile. Colors for Fall 2014 includes Camel, Indigo and Yellow.

More information on the bag is available here. 



Celine Belt Calfskin Tote Bag $2,600.00 (USD)
Celine Belt Python Tote Bag $5,400.00 (USD)

Marc Jacobs Incognito Bag

Marc Jacobs Incognito Bag
The Incognito Bag from Marc Jacobs is also part of the brand’s Fall/Winter 2014 Runway show. This bag is made by hand and comes in Alligator, Textured Leather and Smooth Leather. It is a double handle bag with a zip closure. Available in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large.

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Proenza Schouler Doubles Down on Exotics for its Spring 2015 Bags

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Proenza Schouler Spring 2015 Handbags 4

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been whispers that LVMH is interested in investing inProenza Schouler and growing it into a global luxury brand, and although that’s yet to come to fruition, it looks like Proenza is headed in a decidedly luxe direction on its own. After last season’s strong showing of exotics, Proenza’s Spring 2015 bag lineup looks as though it will continue in that direction.

These designs, all of which are new shapes for the brand, aren’t as strong as last season’s, but they do represent a notable evolution in the brand’s accessories look. There’s no signature hardware or digital prints to be found; instead, a neutral palate of black, ivory and tan took over, with the bag’s natural changes generally dictating the placement of the colors. Check out the images below and let us know what you think.

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PurseForum Roundup – September 12

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Prada Saffiano Bag Family

We are about to hit the midway mark of September, PurseForum Roundup readers, and we hope you had an enjoyable month so far. Thank you for stopping by as we make our way around the PurseForum, highlighting conversations we hope will interest you. This week, we visit Balenciaga, The Glass Slipper, Prada and more. Thank’s for joining us!

Givenchy Pandora with Bag Bug

Our Glass Slipper subforum is the home of everything shoe-related (or, more precisely, everything shoe-related that is not Christian Louboutin, which has its own dedicated subforum). This week we visited the What a PAIR thread, a place for our members to show off their favorite shoe and bag matchups. Authenticplease got creative with her olive Givenchy Pandora and pretty raspberry Zara pumps, rounding out the look off with fantastic Ray-Bans and a Fendi Bag Bug.

Also, be sure to catch arnott’s pairing of cute Tory Burch sneakers with a Coach messenger bag. Elsewhere in the Glass Slipper this week, we caught up with the Aquazzura thread. We found that one lucky member has already selected a pair and reports that they are wonderful. Also be sure to check out the Best Boots for a Real Winter thread, because soon it’ll be time to heed that advice!

Prada Saffiano Satchel

What a perfect Prada classic satchel for fall. Cvlshopaholic posted this saffiano Bowler and it’s a great choice for a first Prada. Lately, this brand’s subforum has been all about the totes, and we found this brilliant red saffiano tote in a quickie reveal from arviereyes. Don’t forget, like all of our designer subforums, Prada has a wonderful reference library, which includes a thread dedicated to our members’ modeling shots.

Prada Saffiano Bag Family

Prada also has a quiet but lovely collection thread, where we found this charming family photofrom labamse. Very inspiring.

Beauty Haul Burberry

We all have our favorite threads and areas of interest on the PurseForum, and the Beauty Bar is undeniably one of the most popular. Maybe it’s the myriad exchanges and Random Act of Kindness events, or maybe it’s the simple fact that buying beauty products is good, clean fun.

This week we found some interesting selections in the Recent Purchases thread (which has been very busy this summer!), including this photogenic collection from Misstake7198. Also be sure to check out the Rants and Raves section of the Beauty Bar for a no-holds-barred look at some of the products vying for a piece of your beauty budget.

Balenciaga Velo Bag

Balenciaga is another brand with a jam-packed Reference Library at the ready to help you with your bag purchases. Also in Balenciaga, the September-October Purchases thread looks to be in full swing, and we found this stunning metallic edge Velo from Prada123; we are sure this thread will be a busy one, so stop in often!

Balenciaga Apple Green First Bag

We also spotted this happy apple-green gem from Catash, a holy grail purchase that was quickly accompanied by this City bag in cumin; what can we say, the girl had a coupon! And two bags are better than one, right?

Valentino Ombre Pumps

Our visit to the Glass Slipper had us feeling shoozy, so we stopped by Valentino, where we know we can always find some rocking Rockstuds. These incredible ombre beauties from ladyjeyehave to be some of the prettiest shoes we have seen on the PurseForum, and you will be pleased to know there is an action shot as well! As we mentioned, we are all about totes these days, and this deep forest green version of the Rockstud really hit a home run. Congratulations toPhiomega for scoring such a winner – not bad for a first Valentino!

Butterfly and Flowers

That’s it for this week’s edition of the PurseForum Roundup, friends. We could not resist closing this post with this sweet photograph of a butterfly visiting marigolds in Sweetpea83′s colorful garden. This treasure is from the Random Picture thread in General Discussion, an interesting place to visit where anything goes!

Happy Weekend everyone! We hope it’s wonderful, and that we’ll see you right back here next week for another peek at the happenings on the PurseForum!

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Instagram’s Best Bags of NYFW

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NYFW Instagrams

As New York Fashion Week comes to a close, we couldn’t help but roundup some of the best bags we found on our Instagram feed this week, including some finds on the arms of our favorite bloggers, stylists and magazine editors. While we love the runway shows and seeing what next season has to offer, the bag watching at Lincoln Center is (dare we say it) even better. We found both classic bagsand pieces we’d never seen before, so make the jump below to see what some of NYFW’s most famous attendees are carrying this season.

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