Love It or Leave It: Balenciaga’s Stud-Free Blackout AJ City Bag

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I’m a longtime fan of Balenciaga‘s motorcycle bags. Balenciaga was the first top-tier brand from which I bought multiple bags, the first of which came from money I had saved up at my college job. Not only will they always have a special place in my heart, but the slouchy, studded styles still fit my personal style quite well almost a decade later.

I first fell in love with Balenciaga bags during the Nicolas Ghesquiere era, and now we’re two creative directors removed from his tenure at the brand, in the early days of Demna Gvasalia’s leadership. So far he’s refocused the brand’s attention to deconstructed streetwear, which is his specialty, and along with that, he’s done a little deconstruction on one of the brand’s most recognizable pieces.

Motorcycle bags have a couple visual signatures, and the most important one is the bag’s stud pattern. On the Balenciaga Blackout City AJ Bag, the pattern persists but the studs are removed; in their place, we get perforations and negative space on an ultra-matte leather background. This version of the bag’s primary detailing is the idea of the bag itself, but in a way that doesn’t look like an unfinished mock-up, and it’s my favorite City design in years.

Unfortunately, the cool idea and execution make the bag significantly more expensive than a standard City, which means I likely won’t be adding it to my collection. If your budget is a little more flexible than mine, though, this bag can be yours for $2,950 via Balenciaga.

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The Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bag is a timeless piece from Chanel but did you know that there are new colors available for this season? Chanel heard all your pleas and requests ladies so it’s now bringing you these stylish and plush Mini Classic Flap Bags in several rich shades that you can choose from.

With its beloved thick diamond quilting effect and its interwoven chain strap, it’s no wonder that the Mini Classic Flap Bag remains a true classic up to this date. The classic CC logo and clasp is still there which is an absolute no-brainer beauty!

For this season, the Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bag is available in the colors of plum (dark violet), royal red, black, and flesh nude color.

As per August 2016, the price is $2700 USD, €2250 euro and £1910 GBP. The size is 5.3′ x 6.7′ x 3.1′ inches, available via Chanel boutique.

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An original Beatles demo recording just went under the hammer to sell for $23500!

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A long lost demo recording of the song It’s For You was recently auctioned after being rediscovered around fifty years after it was first created! The song was written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon for Cilla Black and the recording was unearthed by her nephew Simon White. White’s father who was Cilla Black’s brother received it from her when he was 18. But at the time he assumed it was a copy of Cilla’s recording of the song.

Beatles recording auction
Stephen Bailey received the record as part of a donation by Simon White along with a letter detailing how White’s father had taken care of the record for years after Black gave it to him. Bailey, who owns The Beatles Shop was stunned after listening to the record. “I was shaking with excitement and speechless. “I realised that this was the long-lost Beatles demo disc from 1964 and I was probably one of the few people to have seen and heard it in over 50 years. What I had in my hand was probably the only copy in existence,” he said. He added: “Apart from a few crackles, which you get with acetates, the quality is fine. It’s a wonderful recording. I can’t think of finding anything better unless I discover there is a sixth Beatle.”

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“I urge all Beatles fans to search their bottom drawers and attics where they could have put Beatles memorabilia years ago and forgotten all about them. You just never know what you may find or what it is worth,” he added.

The unique record was sold at the 25th Beatles Memorabilia Auction, organised by The Beatles Shop, at the Unity Theatre in Liverpool on Saturday. The winning bid was of £18,000 (about $23,500).

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Bags and Beauty: Top 5 Bags (and Hairstyles) with Braids

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Bags and Beauty

Braids are having a moment. There’s something about the texture, romantic and a little earthy, that feels so right. Just look to the recent ethereal hairstyles showcased by celebs like Amanda Seyfried, opting for a modern, less appropriated update on cornrows; Charlize Theron, seen showcasing a pretty pile of plaits; Emma Roberts, who’s resurrected the messy fishtail; Greta Gerwig and her single, asymmetric braid; Margot Robbie’s sleek ponytail; and last but not least, Zendaya with her bold, bum-skimming Rapunzel style. Naturally, the adaptable trend translates just as well to bags

1. Chloé Mini Hudson Braided Suede Bag: Chloé is one of the major fashion houses that really understands how to use braids as a highly covetable detail. Credit their bohemian-infused attitude. At Luisa via Roma for $.

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The 7 Most Important Things to Know When Re-Selling Your Designer Bags Online

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We’re (thankfully, luckily, etc.) nearing the end of August, and that means summer is just beyond the horizon. With it will come a lot of reminders about summer cleaning and much urging to Konmari your life, living quarters and wardrobe, and let us be the first to say it: throw some stuff out or give it to charity, you’ll feel better. Don’t throw your bags out, though–there are too many online resale options for that.

Because the vast majority of people are far more comfortable being customers than sellers, we’ve put together a little beginner’s guide to making back some of the cash you spent on your bags in the first place. Who knows–with an afternoon of closet-cleaning and photo taking, you might have enough in the coffers for a new spring bag of your own.

1. Check eBay’s Completed Auctions for Help With Pricing

The best way to determine what a used bag should sell for is to see what other used bags like it have sold for, owner to buyer, in the recent past. By my estimation, the best way to do that is an advanced eBay search; the site does enough volume that there will likely be at least a couple bags similar to yours in its archive of completed sales.

To do that, click the word “Advanced” next to the general search button on eBay’s homepage, and then check the box next to “completed listings” in the second selection area.

The 7 Most Important Things to Know When Re-Selling Your Designer Bags Online

2. What You Paid for a Bag Doesn’t Necessarily Have Any Bearing on Its Resale Price

Once you find out what a fair resale price for your bag is, believe it–the quickest way to frustrate yourself and potential buyers is to have unrealistic expectations on what your bag is worth. If the style feels dated, the bag is worn or the brand doesn’t inspire strong resale interest, what you paid for it when it was fresh and new isn’t going to inspire secondhand buyers to fork over more money. Try to put aside your nostalgia for the piece and look at it with a shopper’s perspective.

If a bag’s recent resales are all priced far under what you’d be willing to accept for your bag, it might be best to send it back to your closet and wait for the particular style and brand to come back around. Think of it like pricing a house: even though there may be someone out there willing to pay above the bag’s market value, having the bag sit on the market at an inappropriate price will just make all other prospective buyers think you don’t know what you’re doing or are an unreasonable person to do business with.

The 7 Most Important Things to Know When Re-Selling Your Designer Bags Online

3. Know Your Resale Venue Options

Luckily for closet-cleaners everywhere, there are more options to make some cash on your bags than ever before. eBay is the largest and most well-known option, and there’s something to be said for fishing in a well-stocked pond, so to speak. Your listing will find the most prospective buyers there, but because the site isn’t fashion-only, there are some other options to consider if you think your bag will do better in front of a more focused group.

For example, if you’re looking to unload a very expensive piece from Hermès, Chanel or Louis Vuitton, the cultivated client lists of an auction house like Heritage or Christie’s will help you hone in on the very specific group of global buyers who are willing to pay top dollar and won’t expect a major discount just because the bag is pre-owned. On the other hand, if you have a bag from a brand with a cult following that might do better with a young, fashion-y crowd, a resale site like Vestiaire Collective or an app like Poshly might be your best bet.

The 7 Most Important Things to Know When Re-Selling Your Designer Bags Online

4. Consider the Fees Associated with Resale

When thinking about setting prices and your expectations of the process, remember to factor in the fees that the sale service will take from the final sale price of your bag. They can vary from a few percentage points on the bag’s price to half your total sale, so read up beforehand so you can maximize your eventual return (or, at the very least, avoid an unpleasant surprise).

The 7 Most Important Things to Know When Re-Selling Your Designer Bags Online

5. Photograph your Bag Carefully

I’m always shocked when I see a listing for an expensive bag that includes only small or blurry photos and few detail shots. Or, worse yet, only stock images that are easily recognizable as swiped from an online retailer. I’d never buy a bag represented that way, and neither would tons of resale shoppers. In order to attract the most interest, provide lots of large, well-focused, well-lit photos. Cell phone pictures are fine as long as you have one with a good, clear camera and photograph carefully. For the best results, position the bag near a source of natural light, or even outside–you’ll see some veteran sellers who take all their photos in their back yards.

The 7 Most Important Things to Know When Re-Selling Your Designer Bags Online

6. Know What Matters for the Brand You’re Selling

Every big brand has authenticity signifiers that experienced shoppers look for when buying on the resale market. Those are often a bag’s details–the interior tags, stitching, handle attachments, markings on the zipper pulls and hot stamping are all frequently scrutinized in order to assure a bag’s authenticity, and you’ll likely get a better price for a bag that’s depicted in big, clear, detailed photos. After all, it makes sense that buyers are willing to pay more for a bag they’re more confident is the real deal.

If you’re not sure which details might be the most important for the bag you’d like to sell, you can get an idea by looking through the authentication sections of any of the brand-specific subforums on the PurseForum, or in this Authenticate This section of tPF, for brands that don’t have their own dedicated areas.

The 7 Most Important Things to Know When Re-Selling Your Designer Bags Online

7. Consider the Pros and Cons of Auctions vs. Flat Price Resale

Both selling formats have their perks. With a flat-price sale (such as an eBay Buy It Now listing or a sale on a secondhand site or app), you’re more likely to get the price you have in mind, but it might take a long time before that buyer comes along at that price point. With an auction, as long as your starting price is competitive, your bag is virtually guaranteed to sell, but there’s a chance you won’t get top dollar or the right buyer won’t come along in the auction time frame.

The 7 Most Important Things to Know When Re-Selling Your Designer Bags Online

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Christian Louboutin Multicolor Stud Bags: Haute or Not – Handbag du Jour

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Haute or Not: Christian Louboutin Multicolor Stud Bags - Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Multicolor Stud Flap Bag, Multicolor Studded Bowler Bag and Panettone Chevron Studded Leather Zip-Around Wallet
Listen – I’m a sucker for pretty much anything studded. But in my opinion, metal or monochrome studding looks a bit more sleek than multicolor. And if you’re going to do colors, just keep it simple! Christian Louboutin‘s Sweet Charity Multicolor Stud Flap Bag, Multicolor Studded Bowler Bag and Panettone Chevron Studded Leather Zip-Around Wallet each feature an explosion of rainbow-colored studs that looks more like offerings at a candy store than luxury details.

Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Multicolor Stud Flap Bag

The Sweet Charity Bag has a smattering of colorful pointy studs ALL OVER THE BAG with a black leather bow on the flap with even more studs – this time in gunmetal. Can you say “Too much”?

Christian Louboutin Multicolor Studded Bowler Bag

The Multicolor Studded Bowler Bag and Panettone Chevron Studded Leather Zip-Around Wallet feature a earthier array of colored, pointy studs in lines of varying thickness and geometric patterns (chevrons). The colors and designs look the part of the Fall season but again, the studding in six different colors might just be a little too much.

Christian Louboutin Panettone Chevron Studded Leather Zip-Around Wallet

What do you think of Christian Louboutin’s multicolored studded bags? Are they haute or not?

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