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Models Elsa Hosk and Jordan Barrett star in Mavi's fall-winter 2016 Indigo Move denim campaign.
Models Elsa Hosk and Jordan Barrett star in Mavi’s fall-winter 2016 Indigo Move denim campaign.

Elsa Hosk is the star of Mavi’s fall-winter 2016 outing. Appearing in this season’s campaign, the Victoria’s Secret angel joins models Francisco Lachowski and Jordan Barrett. Together, the models wear the brand’s debut partnership with AdrianoGoldschmeid

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Offering a fresh spin on the athleisure trend, Mavi updates its signature styles withIndigo Move denim. The innovative fabrication is a knit that moves with the body, mirroring the stretch and performance qualities of activewear.


Elsa Hosk is joined by models Jordan Barrett and Francisco Lachowski for Mavi's fall-winter 2016 Indigo Move denim campaign.
Elsa Hosk is joined by models Jordan Barrett and Francisco Lachowski for Mavi’s fall-winter 2016 Indigo Move denim campaign.

Demonstrating the durability of Mavi’s stretch denim, Elsa appears in the accompanying catalogue. Striking strong poses, the Swedish model hits sharp lines that emphasize the flexibility of the brand’s Indigo Move denim.

Joined by Francisco Lachowski and Jordan Barrett, Elsa Hosk is front and center for Mavi's fall-winter 2016 Indigo Move denim campaign.
Joined by Francisco Lachowski and Jordan Barrett, Elsa Hosk is front and center for Mavi’s fall-winter 2016 Indigo Move denim campaign.


Elsa Hosk strikes a sexy pose in Mavi's Indigo Move denim for the brand's fall-winter 2016 catalogue.
Elsa Hosk strikes a sexy pose in Mavi’s Indigo Move denim for the brand’s fall-winter 2016 catalogue.
Elsa Hosk embraces flirty lumberjack style in a red and black buffalo check shirt with Mavi's Indigo Move denim.
Elsa Hosk embraces flirty lumberjack style in a red and black buffalo check shirt with Mavi’s Indigo Move denim.
Elsa Hosk is a sporty vision, rocking Mavi's new Indigo Move denim.
Elsa Hosk is a sporty vision, rocking Mavi’s new Indigo Move denim.
Elsa Hosk hits sharp lines in Mavi's Indigo Move denim.
Elsa Hosk hits sharp lines in Mavi’s Indigo Move denim.

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IFE The Most Essential Back to School Item: Your Planner


I would be lost without my planner. It's something I use every day and it's my most important tool for tackling the new semester. 

Many college students use planners, but in my opinion, they don't use them religiously enough, only writing in them occasionally or only scheduling things on their phone. Using your tech can be great to make sure you don't forget important reminders, but I find that writing things down, and writing them down daily, makes a huge difference in my personal productivity and memory.


What kind of planner do you need?

There are all kinds of planners you can use, but it's important to find one that suits YOU the best going into the new year. 

Do you like planners with different sections, full-length lines for to-do lists, or blank pages in the back for notes? Buy one that has those things. 

It's also worth spending a few extra dollars for a planner that appeals to you aesthetically - you will want to use it if you love how it looks. Personally, I love to get plain-looking planners, that way I can style them how I prefer. 

Small planner budget? Get creative!

You also don't have to just buy a planner at a store. (We know they can get pretty expensive!) Here are some ideas for inexpensive and/or non-traditional planners:

  • Use that plain old notebook. It has that "back to school" feeling to it. You can add a cover any way you want and customize the pages to your liking. Decorate your notebook, use different fonts, paste in memorabilia from the week, the list goes on and on.
  • Print your own. and you'll find there are printouts for all types of calendars and planners you can use. Like to hang stuff up on your bulletin board? Print some sheets out and write up your homework or this week's assignments. Or you can grab a binder and pop in your printed inserts for a custom option.
  • A converted diary or journal. Have a pretty diary or journal you got as a gift? You can totally use it as your planner. 
  • Free planner from your school. My school was giving these out at our club fair, but not all schools do this. Try to find out if your school gives out free planners because if that's an option, why not take advantage? If you don't like the look, you can usually collage or paste pictures over the outside covers.

What should you include in your planner?

Planners can make you the best friend/child/significant other on the planet. You don't have to keep tons of dates in your head, because you can write them all down. 

A few examples: Write down birthdays and parents' anniversaries to keep up with dates from back home. Add exam dates, project deadlines, and student group meets/events, etc. And as soon as you decide you may want to go to something on campus, write it down! 

Also, we repeat this advice all the time on CF, but as soon as you get your syllabi for various classes, you have something to do: write down ALL of the exams and ALL of the project/assignment/homework deadlines. You will be so happy you did this.

Here's my master list of things you should put into your planner:

  • Home-related events. (Parents' anniversary, friend's birthday, brother's school concert)
  • School-related events. (Exam dates, project deadlines, club meetings)
  • Your study schedule.  (then just do this in your planner.)
  • Schedules for your hobbies and down time. (Play piano for 30 minutes, read that book you just checked out, take time to watch that Netflix documentary)
  • Health priorities. (Schedules for exercise, meal planning, doctor's appointments)

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Backstage at Topshop's fall 2016 show. Photo: Imaxtree
Backstage at Topshop's fall 2016 show. Photo: Imaxtree

Ah, consumers and their perceived demand for instant newness. Topshop Unique, the fast-fashion retailer's higher-priced runway collection, is the latest brand to go (partially) see now, buy now. It will offer select pieces from what it's calling a "September 2016 collection" for sale immediately after the presentation during London Fashion Week on Sept. 18 — both at the show venue, Old Spitalfields market, at select Topshop stores around the world, and online. The rest of the collection will hit stores and the site on Nov. 11.

"The starting point for the Unique collection is always the celebration of British style and its rich heritage, so we feel Spitalfields provides the perfect backdrop to showcase our new collection," says Creative Director Kate Phelan in a statement. "With a history steeped in over 350 years of selling to the general public, we also feel it's a fitting venue in which to debut our 'Runway-to-Retail' concept."

Topshop joins the ranks of an increasing number of brands who have expedited the time between runway show and retail floor either completely (such as Kate Spade, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Ford) or through special capsules (such as Prada, Courrèges, Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, Creatures of the Wind, Versus, Banana Republic and more). 

As a fast-fashion brand that primarily sells directly to its consumers, Topshop and its Unique line are in an interesting position. Most of its shoppers, already accustomed to constantly rotating fresh product, aren't looking to spend £55 to £1,000 (about $70 to $1,300) on the retailer's most elaborate collection. But as the prestige value of a long-lead runway show has dramatically waned over the last year, it's actually surprising Topshop didn't start this process sooner. 

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Every Year Without Fail, This Accessory Pops Up at Fashion Week


Classic designer bags may pair well with every outfit, but come Fashion Week, the most stylish ladies don't want versatile, polished, or even superchic: they want options that'll stand out in the crowd. So they hunt for statement-making styles that'll do just that, pairing their vibrant — yet totally on-trend — ensembles with clutches and crossbodies that are a quirky kind of cool. From Skittles to phones to cheeky little sayings, see the silly purses that have popped up during the last few seasons. We can't wait to see what Spring '17 holds!A little something sweet.Time to hop it from show to show.We agree.Yes, girl.Sealed with some style.You mean the bag, right?We gotta hand it to her: this is cute.What a doll!Story time!

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This Is The Natural Girl’s Alternative To Sephora


When you think of Sephora, is it rows upon rows of trusty products you envision? Does your heart lurch to try every last thing in the store? This is what we experience when we enter the beauty mecca—but lately, another retailer has been eliciting the same response. Credo is a San Francisco-based company focused on curating the best of clean beauty, carefully selecting brands and products that are sourced ethically, formulated with healthy ingredients and promise actual results. With locations in SF and New York (as well as a fully stocked website), Credo elevates the natural beauty experience with sophisticated storefronts, beautiful packaging and knowledgeable staff—just the right amount of gloss without seeming intimidating or out-of-touch. As we think it’ll be the next big thing in beauty (thanks in part to an industry-wide shift towards more conscious consumption), we tapped Credo’s founder Shashi Batra for a crash course on what makes the store so special.


Credo's NYC storefront. Photo: Courtesy

"We set out to create Credo because we saw no place where this emerging group of beautiful brands (we identified over 100 of them), could find a place to present themselves in an environment where there was expertise, elegance and beauty. Our mission is to change the way people think about what they put on their bodies. We do this by providing a destination that has the most comprehensive collection of beautiful, effective and safe beauty brands and products in the world."


"We start with our Dirty Ingredient list. Every brand we consider must not have any of the ingredients on that list. From there we evaluate the formula—efficacy, texture and scent—the packaging and the overall raison d'être. As merchants we also try to understand its fit within the assortment we already have to make sure we are filling the gaps and not overwhelming the customer with too many choices. We also consider price points, as we want to carry easily accessible options for our customers."


"It’s happening for many reasons. One is the wealth of information that's out there empowers people to know what they are consuming. Another is the existence of similar parallels in consumer categories where sustainability, ethical sourcing, environmental impact and health are already key factors in decision-making, food being one obvious example. Furthermore, the overall shift to conscientious consumption and a healthy lifestyle innate to millennials [are influential factors]."


Goop by Juice Beauty at Credo. Photo: Courtesy

"Kjaer Weis, African Botanics, De Mamiel, Plume Science, Suntegrity, RMS, Pai, Marie Veronique, Lake and Skye, Reverie, Tata Harper and Goop by Juice Beauty."


  • Pai Camellia & Rose Hydrating Cleanser – "A great cleanser for day or night that is very gentle but effective at removing makeup. This alcohol-free cleanser will leave your skin feeling moisturized and is great for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin."
  • January Labs Restorative Tonic Mist – "This toner is amazing for reducing redness and preventing breakouts. It’s healing, soothing and moisturizing."
  • Maya Chia Super Couple Ultra Luxe Serum – "This serum does not mess around—not only does it prevent wrinkles, it also brightens skin, is super moisturizing and helps fight against free-radical damage."
  • Trilogy Vital Moisturizing Cream – "A moisturizer great for all skin types that delivers hydration and UV protection."

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